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The Bathmate Hydromax pump is widely used for the treatment of impotence. This vacuum constriction device is an external pump with tape that holds the penis in place when needed. The entire device consists of an acrylic cylinder with a pump that is attached to the tip of the penis. Pumps and cylinders are used to create a vacuum, which helps the penis get erect. The band keeps it upright once an erection is reached.

How does it work?

Please follow these steps if you wish to use the pump safely and effectively:

Place the pump over the penis in such a way that it can be hand-pumped or battery-operated
Create a vacuum by pumping air out of the cylinder. This vacuum will draw blood to the penis and cause an erection
After the penis is erect, you can slide the rubber band to the lower end of the penis
You can remove the pump after you remove the vacuum
You can try intercourse with the narrowing tape in place so that the erection is maintained. You can use the band safely for about 30 minutes
How well do penis pumps work?

According to trials, more than 50-75% of men are satisfied with the results of the penis pump. Satisfaction levels can increase over time.

Who should use a penis pump?

A penis pump can be used by individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is caused by a variety of conditions such as:

Lack of proper blood flow to the penis
Surgery for prostate or colon cancer
High blood pressure
You must consult a doctor before using this device. Men with congenital bleeding disorders should not use it.

There are 3 series that you can choose from, according to your needs. for the 3 series, namely below:

Hydro Series
It is perfect for first time users or beginners. Currently, this series only has one model, the Hydro 7. The Hydro 7 is suitable for penis sizes from 5 inches to 7 inches when fully erect. (Bathmate original pump)

If your penis size falls into this size range, Hydro 7 can be your choice. The next line-up, the HydroMax series, has several models that are almost the same size as the Hydro 7.

In addition, Hydro 7 is available in three (3) colors; Crystal Clear, Aqua Blue, and Brilliant Red.

Hydromax Series
This is a series to suit the preferences of experienced users. Unlike the Hydro 7, the HydroMax series is available in four (5) sizes, such as 3 inches 5 inches, 7 inches wide, seven inches boys, and nine inches side-boy.

If you are looking to live your penis pumping routine and take a trip to the next level, the Hydromax series should be your preferred choice.

Get the Master / HydroXtreme Series
If you are an experienced penis pump user and want to go a step further, choose the Profit Master Series.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme series takes its design to a whole new level. It has a new valve and a detachable handball pump. Anyone with a 100% commitment to penis enlargement and wanting to get the most out of their penis pump, HydroXtreme is the perfect choice.


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