How to Create a Unique, Well Thought Out Dating Profile

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If you're looking for legit sites for finding hookups creating the right type of profile, is essential to successful online dating. A good profile will demonstrate that you are unique, attract “your type” of person, and decrease contact from “undesirables”. Since your profile is what draws people in, a good set of images, information about your hobbies, and “likes and dislikes” are important things to add.

Your Pictures

Your main profile image will draw people in to learn more about you. It should be more than just physically attractive, it should send a message. The type of image that you use, says a lot about what type of person you are, and what you are looking for.

1) The first rule about creating a profile picture is that it should not be to suggestive. A suggestive picture will draw alot of attention, but “the wrong kind of attention”.

2) The image should show you engaged in your hobbies. The most successful pictures showed the dater engaging in a hobby like sports, music, or dancing. A shared hobby is a great way to open up conversation. This type of picture will attract comments, much more thought provoking than “U R HOT”.

3) Your pictures should be up-to-date and accurate. Uploading pictures that are old will cause problems if you set up a meeting. Your pictures should not just make you look good, they should accurately depict what you face and body look like.

Your Hobbies

Hobbies are a main source of attraction for people. If you live to play music, you should talk about it on your profile and also include some pictures. This will help show people that you are more than just a one dimensional person. It can help kickstart a conversation and give you something to talk about that is deeper than just your looks.

Always Tell The Truth

Due to the anonymity of the internet, some people are inclined to bend the truth. It is important to disclose things like children, if you have been divorced, and what type of job you have. If you pretend to be successful, when this is not really the case, it will definitely cause problems when you meet. A small white lie can grown into something large, if you aren’t careful.

Don’t Disqualify Good Candidates

Some daters make long lists of qualities they want in a significant other. These lists can disqualify the majority of people that read your profile. They might feel intimidated, and choose not to contact you if you have a long list. Nobody is perfect. This ideal person you are looking for, probably does not exist.

- If you do have a list, “keep it short”. It is normal to want a mate to have specific traits. But, if this list gets too long, you may be missing out on alot of good people.


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